Kids or Senior Cycling , Angkor Wat, 3Days

This trip is designed for senior traveller to explore Siem Reap. A day cycling through Jungles to visit Angkor  and one day cycling through rice fields and villages. Additionally, the traveller have chances to meet Change Maker  who made positive change in Cambodia.



This is basically focus in Siem Reap, Cycling through Jungles to see Angkor one day, Cycling  one more day through rice fields and villages . Moreover, meeting a Change maker in Society. 
Day 1
Pick up and welcome at Aiprot by our Team Leader
Day 2
You start from Angkor ThomAngkor Thom, It means ” big city” , It was the capital city of the Khmer ‘s Most famous King Jayavarman VII. It was the world’s largest city ,it had around one million population. At that time, London had around 100 thousand populations. In this city, you would visit the following temples:Bayon, you start from the east gate of the Bayon temple where you can take some good photos. This is a favorite temple for so many people, because of the view around the jungle and carving on the temple’s wall. You can learn a lot about the daily life of Cambodians in the 12th century in this temple. The most famous King of Khmer Empire, Jayavarman VII, built it in 1181 AD. The carving is priceless about the royals, people, and war in 1181. It is called Jaya Kiri on the written inscription.Baphoun, You go walking to the south to visit the temple of Baphoun. It is a rectangular structure, which was built in 1060 AD. They finished it in 1066. Baphon was a state temple and dedicated to Shiva god. It has very incredible view from the top. You can climb this one to see some beautiful motifs that still remain in good condition. On the back wall, you visit the Buddha he is a Cambodia biggest one.Pimeanakas, You continue to go through the trees to experience the palace in the royal enclosure. In the royal enclosure, you can see the tower of Phimeanakas and 2 swimming pools. The royal family had lived in this palace since Angkor became the capital city of Cambodia. The royal palace made of woods and tiles that is why now you can’t see the structure inside. It was bunt during the war again the bad neighbors.Preah Palilay, You continue to visit the temple of the Preah Palilay in the jungle behind the pagoda of Tep Pranam. It is a peaceful temple in Angkor Thom. It is a good location for the professional photographer. There is a hidden tower in the area, which is perfect for photos. On the East gate, you can learn from the background of the Buddha.Leper King Terrace, It stands near elephant terrace. It has very good carving on the wall. Leper King was the high court hall for the top case that provincial court sent it to the King. There are some statues on the top of the terrace. One is Yama, is made of concrete, and 4 more statues made of sandstones. They are Yama’s assistants.Elephant Terrace, You will start the tour to the Terraces of Elephant and Leper King. They stand in front of the palace in Angkor. The Elephant Terrace was used as the royal platform for the royal family in the Angkorian time. It is a place where Chou Dagwan(Chinese Diplomat visited Khmer Empire in 12th century) mentioned that he saw a golden bridge in front of the palace. It was used for royals, and commoners stayed on the ground to see the activities on the Khmer New Year.
Ta Nei,You stop to visit temple of Ta Nei. It is one of the most peaceful temples in Angkor. It was built by Jayavarman VII, but enlarged by his son Indravarman II. It is not touristy. You can go around to make so many great shots in the temple.Ta Nei is a way from the main road. It is very peaceful you can pay attention to explore it with the bird’s song. Ta ProhmYou will go on to explore the temple of Ta Prohm (the Tomb Raider temple). This temple is very poplar, because of the movie Tomb raider. It brings a lot of tourists to the area. If you are a photographer, you can get some brilliant shots. We recommend you to visit temple a bit early, because it is a quiet one in the morning. It was built to honor the King’s mother before the Champs in waited culture.
Beanteay Kdai , You pass by Banteay Kdai, the 12th century Buddhist temple , built by the most famous king Jayavaman. Some believe, this temple was used for the court of justice. Angkor WatAngkor Wat like nothing else on earth. Your tour guide will find the best place and path for you to walk without crowd, so you can enjoy it in peace. This way, we can have fantastic photos.Angkor Wat is the largest Hindu complex in the world, was built by the king Suryavaman from 1113 A.D to 1151 A.D., it dedicated to Vishnu god.
Day 3
Chay Srey Vibol,  Chay Srey Vibol is a beautiful small temple on a hill , it shows you the originality of temple pretty much as there is no renovation on this temple yet. there are very few foreign visitor reach this place since the location is so isolated. Event local people, don’t much about it.You will see so many local lives on this cycling path throughout villages before reaching the temple.
Beanteay SreyYou are to visit the pink sandstone at Banteay Srei. It is considered to be the diamond in Cambodian art. It is a very famous place in Cambodia and we think it was built by women at the time, hence the name ‘Srei’ which means ‘woman’ in English, but in fact it was built in 967 by the guru for King Jayavarman V. It is on written inscription called Tripuvana maheswara in the city of Isvara Pura.
Landmind MuseumMr. Akira, a Cambodian man who were a Khmer Rough-boy solidier. He collected the mines and found this museum to tell others about his life, the mines situation, and what a man can do in Cambodia.
Diner show
Day 4
Lazy DayToday, is your day lazy day , you may have long morning sleep, chilling out beach or reading by pool
Flight out, End the Trip
Trip Includes:Trip Excludes:
  •  Accommodation: 4 Star Hotel
  • Transportation: Insurances secured
  • Trip Leader:
  • All Entrance fees:
  • Bicycle: Mountain Bikes
  • Mechanic
  • Meal: all meals mentioned
  • Snack during trip
  • Soft Drink: Water, regular coke
  • All international Flight
  • Visa:
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Tips for service team
  • Alcoholic & other drinks not mentioned


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