July 4, 2017

Giving Back to the Earth

We consider ourselves blessed and fortunate to be able to contribute to the development of our community and our country.

Each member of our team works with those less fortunate, in hopes of rebuilding our country, which has been torn apart by genocide and civil war.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world.
In this difficult environment, education plays a major role in paving the way for a better future.

For this reason, To Asia Travel donates both time and money to underprivileged children and young people, building schools in rural villages and supporting numerous development projects. Please join us to make this world a better place!

We strongly believe that we can make a positive change in society by providing customized tours with a focus on ethical and environmentally friendly tourism practices and promoting sustainable development, both locally and globally.

We built the 7 following schools so far for the villages in the country which are now the home of education to over 1000 kids! 

Chong Proley Primary School,in Siem Reap province’s Sonikum district, the first floating school in the village, Kompong Kleang. it serves over 100 students!

We set up a small computer club, in Kok Pnov primary School in Siem Reap province’s Angkor District. It serves over 10 teachers and 400 students

Bai Dos Primary School , located in Siem Reap province’s Varin’s district, the first in village. It serves five classes of students in village.

Kro Long Primary School, the first school for kids, located in Siem Reap province’s Angkor Chum district. It serves more than a hundred students !

Srolao Srong Primary School in Siem Reap province’s Chikreng District , this is the first school in the village. There are over a hundred students !

Who are they? They're are our generous social partners!

Vithyea Chhoun, Travel consultant

Vithyea play an important role for our social projects as Team Leader and Coordinator as well as advisor for sustainable tourism development.

Bun Von , Trip Leader & Tour Guide

Bun is  our captain for social projects since you brings tones of friends along to get building done.

Socheat, Accountant

She is an accountant , and she is good chef for us at sites where we build the schools!

Leda Ukk, Trip Leader & Tour Guide

Leda is a Self-Employed, as Trip Leader and Tour Guide. She is very  active for social works in many ways to make Cambodia to be a better place. She straight forward talk and speak real true !

Ratha Leang, Japanese Trip Leader & Tour Guide

Ratha plays a major role for our social project, from normal coordinator to Project Leader. All things to be done with him!

Judy Kong, Trip Leader & Tour Guide

Judy is another Captain for getting volunteers friends.  Many projects would not finished without Judy since he can get as many friends as we need to building.

Bill Morse, Founder of Landmines Relief Fund

Bill was former American Businessman. He believes in an idea ” what a little man can make a different” . He and his family moved to Cambodia to help Cambodia Landmine Musuem. Bill helps us any times,once we run of fund to finish our schools!

Trevor Titley, founder & CEO at 5stars Logistic Network

Trevor is a young American Entrepreneur. He is an important partner for our Project. He has funded largely on Krolong Primary School.

Henryk Kalinowski, Teacher & owner at TABI Travel.

Henryk is  a Polish Teacher and Businessman. By bring clients to South East Asia, he joins us solve the Eduction issues in Cambodia. He has helped a big part funding for floating school.

Moe Koyama, Japanese Sale Director

Moe not only in charges the Japanese Market , but also fundraiser in Japan for our Project , Giving Back to the Earth !

Tony Merriott, Australian Businessman

As a businessman ,travelling to South East Asia is very often. By seeing the needs of education in Cambodia, Tony spends pretty much of his resources to support our school Project. Importantly, Tony get generous friends to join as well. He helped funded floating school and study materials to other school ,too.

Ruwan Premathilaka, Managing Director at Now365 Logistics Limited

This is another generous partner which give a big impact to our kids in rural areas. Ruwan takes some profit from his company to support our school projects. Additionally, he asked his friends to come along!

Andrew Fletcher, from Sydney

Andrew is an important generous partner in Sydney. Adrew helps to build and raise fund for floating school as well as sponsoring the study materials. This project would not succeed without him!

Anett Schücker, Austrian Artist .

Anett and her husband Paul help most time to the projects, once we informed them.