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Custom Designed Trips

To Asia Travel incorporates tailor-made travel design with a unique variety of experiences to offer you a trip of a lifetime.

Our personalized Travel Design reflects our philosophy of promoting responsible, ethical and environmentally friendly travel organization practices. We hope to inspire the travellers to give responsibly and to take what they learn on our tours back to their country and become positive change makers in their own communities.

The travellers on our tours will learn about the personal development, responsible tourism practices, global citizenship and entrepreneurship.

Uniquely Ethical

Our staffs live, breath and work here with a unique insight and passion for their countrys development and sustainable environmental practices. We offer a special and unique insight into Cambodia and Khmer culture, inspiring both locals and travellers to create positive change in their local and the global community. You will be left feeling special and inspired with hope for the future of humanity.

We are located in Cambodia, our travel specialists are ready to serve you straight away.

To Asia Travel integrates sightseeing, adventure and entrepreneurial initiatives with cultural immersion and learning opportunities.

Through our tours, you, the traveller, will have the chance to learn from local people; to inspire and be inspired to live, travel and work with ethical and sustainable practices. You will also have the opportunity to meet inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and those making positive changes in their community both here and overseas.

Main Highlights of our Cambodian Tours

We offer you a vast array of experiences: from the World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat, to understanding Khmer people and their current situation, all the way to relaxing on untouched beaches.

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We choose to work with most responsible accommodations as possible, such as locally owned hotels, guesthouses and homestays. Our homestays are aligned with sustainable tourism and environment development, as it offers the chance for the family and their community to earn extra income and to learn and share with foreigners. As all trips are tailor-made, we can work to match your budget and desired experience.